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I had the privilege of learning about Jupiter and his wonderful story, and I wanted to share it with you. He is big, lovable, and beautiful! Jupiter really is a lucky ferret.

Holly and her husband, Luc, wanted a ferret. More importantly, they wanted to rescue a ferret. They put an ad online that basically said “looking for ferret” and got a response 2 days later: 2 ferrets and a cage for $100. They went to check it out, but Holly was bombarded with terrible feelings and bad vibes the second she arrived. Despite the feelings, however, she followed through with her plan to check out the ferrets.

The man was something of a hoarder and lived in a run down, disgusting trailer park.(Bad feeling #1). There was garbage everywhere, in almost every yard. When they got to the man’s trailer and walked up onto the small deck, 3 large-breed dogs started aggressively barking and lunging at them. (Bad feeling #2). I cannot paraphrase what Holly said next. Her words are a true testament to the things she saw.

Read the rest of Jupiter’s Story and see more photos after the jump!

As soon as the owner of the trailer opened his door the wall of smell that hit me was horrific! It smelled like ferret to the extreme plus pee and crap all mixed together. It was VERY warm in the trailer, way too warm for a ferret and very humid in there as well. That was bad feeling number three and I was close to walking away, but I hung in there. This guy had 8 ferrets in 2 ferret nation cages in his tiny living room. Amongst the ferrets were 2 cats along with a freshwater aquarium and the 3 aggressive dogs in the back yard. I was looking at all the ferrets wondering which two were the ones he was selling. He then told Luc and myself to follow him and he lead us to a small VERY cluttered back bedroom. There was furniture, TVs, plastic bags… just a bunch of crap cluttering this small room, and in the corner was this small cage 30”Lx30”Hx17”W with two ferrets in it. The cage was caked in crap from top to bottom! The whole floor of the cage was one large litter box, which looked like this guy wasn’t cleaning, so they were unable to walk on the bottom without stepping in their own crap and pee. All they had for a second level to get away from the litter box was a small 7” lip and 2 hammocks. They were barely able to walk in the cage. And their water was down below at the bottom. So the only way for them to get some water from the water bottle was to climb down into the disgusting litter boxes to take a drink.

She saw Zero first, (see photo below) a small dark-eyed white with a bald back-end. As it turned out, Zero has adrenal disease, but Holly did not know this at the time. Then she saw Jupiter who was very overweight. Both ferrets appeared neglected: they smelled horrible, their nails were extremely long, etc. The man was trying to sell these ferrets as healthy one-year old ferrets. This was obviously not the case. Holly knew she couldn’t leave the ferrets with this guy, so she paid him the $100 and got out of there as fast as she could. She said she wished she could take all of the ferrets, but the other 8 didn’t seem to be neglected; they only smelled really bad.

Once they arrived at their new home, she thoroughly cleaned their cage, provided them with food and water, gave them baths, and clipped their nails. As she discovered that Zero had Adrenal Disease, she knew she couldn’t keep him. Zero and Jupiter were not bonded, they were probably just the two ferrets that guy no longer wanted, so she contacted a local ferret rescue who could give Zero the care and treatment he needed. The ferret rescue drove 2 hours out of their way to get Zero. Zero is a very lucky ferret as well. After Zero found his new home, Holly took Jupiter to the vet. Jupiter got the care he needed, and the home he deserved all along.

I have previously posted videos of Jupiter. And now we got the opportunity to know more of the story. I will leave you with Holly’s thoughts on her new ferret, Jupiter:

During the week of having Jupiter, I got to know him more. He is a much laid back guy, which is because of his age, doesn’t play or jump around and basically likes to sleep. I taught him to walk on a leash outside, which he loves and is now losing that extra weight and starting to be able to walk normally now! He also really likes car rides and falls asleep on my lap the whole time. I bring him everywhere I go! Especially to pet stores when I pick him up more food or litter and when I visit my mother’s house. To sum up Jupiter in a few words I would have to call him my lap warming cuddle bunny! His personality is more like having a well behaved small dog rather than a ferret. He is a fantastic little guy and I can’t understand why anyone would just throw him away like his previous owner did! I know that he probably only has 4 years left at most, but I am going to make his last 4 years the best 4 years of his life!

Thank you for sharing Holly. You are a true hero!

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