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Mile High Ferret Club Easter Party

April 17, 2014  /  Pictures  /  View Comments  / 

Ferret Dreams Rescue and Adoption partied on Sunday, April 13th at the Easter Party with the Mile High Ferret Club! Ferret Dreams Rescue and Adoption is Colorado’s only no-kill ferret rescue. They have rescued more than 600 ferrets since 2005! The Mile High Ferret Club is “a group of Colorado ferret lovers who gather monthly for ferret play dates, human socializing and fundraising for Ferret Dreams Rescue and Adoption .”

It was quite the Egg-Stravaganza!! <--- Click the link for even more super-duper cute photos!

Check out their website/Facebook pages too:

Ferret Dreams Rescue and Adoption

Mile High Ferret Club

Some partied harder than others.

Snotface celebrated too!

There were lots of unique gifts!

Ferret Dreams said in their post that “it was a cold and snowy day but [their] crowd was warm and ready to party with the Easter Bunny. Everyone’s ferrets played in a playpen complete with green grass, Easter Baskets and Eggs. Ferret Dreams Rescue gave out free Easter Baskets and the first 25 guests received a gift inside their Golden Egg. Over $500 in gifts were given away to our paid guests and members.” Looks like the party was a success!


Princess Abilena

April 16, 2014  /  News  /  View Comments  / 

“A fire destroyed a house in Grandin Village on Monday evening and displaced a family of six.” The house fire in Roanoke, VA also displaced the family’s ferret, Princess Abilena, two cats, a bunny, and six chickens. Everyone is safe and sound. The photo above is so precious. “Mila Reynolds-Saint, 10, holds her ferret, Princess Abilena, on her neighbor’s porch.”



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YAYAYAYAY!!!! Otter (and Teddy) have a book coming out! Otter Keeper will be in NYC for a book signing! All great news! HOORAY FOR MUSTELIDS! We love you Otter, Teddy, and Keeper! FOREVER! Congrats on the book!! We already pre-ordered. XOXOXOXOX

Check out Otter and all of her fun antics on her WEBSITE!
Follow her @i_am_otter

Watch the book trailer here!!

Otter and Teddy are a tiny bit upset that Otter Keeper is leaving them behind. They decided to throw a party! See map below. *bring juice*

Map to Otter's House!

Kei Naito Ferret Illustrations

February 5, 2013  /  Art  /  View Comments  / 

This incerdible artist’s name is 惠 which is Japanese for Kei. I found her artwork on Pixiv.net. I am just in love with all of it!! So soft, colorful, and warm. I cannot get enough of Kei Naito’s ferret illustrations. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

Visit her website HERE! She is talented!

All images posted here are illustrated by and belong to Kei Naito.

にょろにょろズ by on pixiv

2人は仲良し!フェレット by on pixiv


We Love Monday Bear

February 1, 2013  /  Art  /  View Comments  / 

Monday Bear is just the greatest. Totally captures the essence and spirit of the ferret.

I love, love, love this. A ferret’s work is never done.

The look a ferret gets when it wants something.

<3 via Monday Bear <3

Hungry Weasels

February 1, 2013  /  Features  /  View Comments  / 

How many hungry weasels could your body feed?

Created by Oatmeal

Take the quiz! How many hungry weasels could your body feed?

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